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Our experience covers a wide range of ecological surveys in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical climates, with a particular emphasis on United Kingdom waters and coastlines.

Marine Surveying & Monitoring Case Studies

As part of a development, EIA or planning application you may be required to undertake a biotope or habitat classification of what lives on the seabed, or simply look for a habitat or species of conservation concern (for example UK Marine BAP habitats and species) at your site.

From a conservation point of view, you may need to monitor the site you wish to develop, a marine protected area or specific habitat or species over time. If this is the case, we can also assist with planning or field monitoring work, again either through providing a full team, individual personnel, mitigation advice or general consultancy.


Intertidal Case Studies

2013: Cockle and intertidal bivalve survey in the Scottish Solway Firth, contributing to the managment of a cockle fishery.

2010-2013: JNCC approved phase 1 intertidal survey and mapping of St Tudwal's Island,  North Wales.

2011: Intertidal surveys of rocky shores, contributing to an annual assessment of invertebrate and algae species at Sullom Voe, Shetland.

2010: Intertidal Phase 1 habitat mapping and JNCC biotoping around area of proposed coastal sea defence work.

2008: Survey of saltmarsh for proposed bridge development. Gwynedd County Council.

2007-2009: Investigating the use of Recreational Sea Angling to monitor changes in fish stocks.

Diving Case Studies

2013: Phase 2 subtidal survey and mapping towards an appropriate assesment for a private development in the Menai Strait, Wales.

2012 & 2013: JNCC approved  MNCR phase 2 subtidal survey and mapping of the St Tudwal's Island, North Wales.

2011-2013: Diving contractor, provision of supervisors and ecological survey divers to set up and undertake fixed quadrat surveys around a power station cooling water outflow.

2012: Investigating the effects of temporal moorings on seagrass (Zostera marina) shoot density and the resident benthic community within Porth Dinllaen harbour, North Wales.

2010-2012: Diving contractor, supervisors and diving ecologists to inform EIA of nuclear power station. Included fish census and MNCR phase 2 style surveys and biotoping.

2009 & 2011: Diving contractor and divers to undertake MNCR phase 2 style survey of RNLI slipways, proposed for upgrading works and situated in marine Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) in North Wales.

2008-2010: Pilot eradication method of invasive non-native species the carpet sea squirt, Didemnum vexillum.

2007-2012: Across Wales diving surveys (benthic and fish)  to monitor Welsh Special Areas of Conservation and around UK Coast, CCW.

2007-2012: Co-ordination of an across Wales voluntary marine monitoring pilot programme.

2007 : Diving contractor, scientific supervisor, and divers for in situ native oyster samples.

2006: Monitoring surveys of the Red Sea coral reefs in Sudan with African Parks conservation.

2006: Seagrass (Zostera marina) surveys at Skomer marine reserve. CCW

1999, 2001 - 2003: Assistance in the creation of marine protected area in the Philippines.

Video Analysis Case Studies

2013: Video analysis of deep sea towed video footage from the Wyville Thompson Ridge and Faroe-Shetland Channel.

2012: Video analysis of Scottish offshore towed video footage from three Marine Scotland video surveys.

2012: Drop down video analysis and Marine Recorder data entry using MNCR phase 2 methods around North Wales.

2011 & 2012: Diver hand held video, and analysis of footage, from Annex 1 reef in area surrounding a power station cooling water outflow.

2009-10: Drop down / towed video survey and analysis of horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus, reef.