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 Marine Education/Interpretation

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We at Marine EcoSol believe that education on the marine environment is a vital part of marine conservation; especially encouraging young people to take an active role in protecting their coastline and U.K marine life. This may involve taking school groups out to the beach to conduct simple beach cleans and surveys, to producing volunteer survey methodology packs and resource materials.

Media diving

Underwater cameraman Paul Kay, Whilst filming for Tir Cymru 2009Marine EcoSol can provide project management for underwater productions as well as supervisors, divers, and safety support.

All Marine EcoSol divers are Professional Scuba Divers able to meet with the HSE Media ACOP to assist with underwater media productions.

Marine EcoSol has worked with a variety of production companies (Tiger,
Aden, Antena, Cwmni Da, as well as the BBC), and is always happy to answer any questions you may have on safety/logistical requirements for filming in, around and under the water.

Marine EcoSol has its own broadcast quality HD underwater video equipment which it uses with a selection of underwater cameramen when co-ordinating a media dive team. We also have our own full face masks with underwater communications where voice over and piece to camera is required.

Seashore Guides and Leaflet Production

Blyth seashore guide illustrationA vital part of marine conservation is education, especially for young people.

Marine EcoSol has been commissioned to formulate seashore guides aimed at children and photographic identification guides for the wider community on beaches around Blyth. These guides form an integral part of educating the community on how to best protect the seashore, outlining special areas such as SAC's and SSSI's and what to look out for whilst at the beach.

Marine Education