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Consultancy, Marine Policy and Biodiversity Action planning

BAP Species Marine Ecological Solutions can provide expert advice on marine policy, such as mitigation advice for construction at sea, advise and aid in formulation of EIAs, as well as general advise on special areas of conservation and other marine hotspot areas. Specific areas of interest include services to meet biodiversity action plan criteria, such as monitoring BAP species and habitats and providing mitigation advise on BAP species in areas of development.

Our experience includes mitigation advice for various constructions at sea, environmental impact studies for offshore developments ICZM Policy advice, developing Biodiversity Action Plan resource packs for volunteers, as well as aiding in the creation of Marine protected areas around the world.


Munida rugosa  (c) Liz Morris     Polycera faeroensis (c) Liz Morris     Cancer pagurus (c) Liz Morris

Consultancy, Marine Policy & Biodiversity Action
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