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The Marine EcoSol Shop - Books

Marine EcoSol stocks a selection of marine identification guides, marine books, underwater images, and diving slates.


Beginners Books on the Seashore


Complete Guide to Brittish Coastal Wildlie| Collins £17.99

Seashore Life of Britain and Europe | Green guide


Pocket Sea Shore guide | Collins gem


An Introduction to the British Seashore |  Sally Morgan


SEASHORE A unique photographic guide to the coastal wildlife of Britain and Europe | Pocket Nature


Seashore Safaris | Judith Oakley


A Photographic guide to Seashore Life in the North Atlantic


Ireland's Hidden Depths | Paul Kay £15.00

 A Student's guide to the Seashore | Fish & Fish




Gifts & General Interest Marine Theme Books


Benny the Blenny | Teresa Naylor £8.99

Wild Swimming, Coast | Daniel Start


Shallow Seas of Wales | Paul Kay


Irelands Marine Life


Hidden Beneath the Waves | UK Marine SAC's Project £4.99

Sea Things | book of poems | Carol Mead


Ocean | the worlds last wilderness


Life and Death of the Royal Charter | Chris Holden


Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life | Paul V.R. Snelgrove


Deeper Than Light | Baker, Ebbe, Høyer, Menot, Narayanaswamy, Ramirez-Llodra & Steffensen.


End of the Line DVD | Rupert Murray


Stung! on Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean | Lisa-ann Gershwin £19.50

Books on the edible seashore for the keen cook


Pocket Food for Free | Collins Gem Guide


Seaweed and eat it: A family foraging and cooking adventure | Fiona Houston and Xa Milne


River Cottage's Edible Seashore | John Wright


River Cottage's Sea Fishing | John Wright




Books for Divers


Underwater Photography | Paul Kay


Underwater Guide to North Wales volume 2 |Chris Holden


UK Dive Guide: Dive guide to England, Scotland and Wales | Patrick Shier




Specialist ID Guides


Reef Fish of the Red Sea | ID guide


Seasearch | Observers guide to Marine Life of Britain and Ireland - Chris Wood


Seasearch | Sea Anemones and Corals of Britain and Ireland - Chris Wood


Seasearch | Bryozoans and hydroids of Britain and Ireland - Joanne Porter £10.00

Seasearch | Guide to Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland - Bunker, Brodie, Maggs and Bunker


Coastal Planktons | Larink & Westheide


Coastal Phytoplankton | Kraberg, Baumann & Durselen


Marine Fishes of Wales | Kay & Dipper


Sharks in British Seas | Richard Peirce


Marine Gifts Marine Baby


Marine Education Leaflets and Brochures

A selection of free information on local beaches, coastal areas, things to spot around the North Wales Coast and suggested marine activities.


Rocky Shore Rambles

In the summer we sell a copies of our rocky shore guides with a FREE guided walk around Church Island. Bring your wellies!

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